Frederick md

This is a 6 inch by 6 inch
trench dug out for a termite treatment
around the perimeter of a customers

Brookville md

During a crawl space
inspection we found evidence of
snakes all throughout the insulation
as seen by this snake skin.

Silver Spring md

We accidentally caught
this cute little guy when trying to trap
a groundhog at a customer's house.
We immediately released him from
the trap.

Potomac, md

We installed this chimney cap
to prevent wildlife like raccoons,
squirrels and bats from entering
into the home.

Potomac, md

During a termite
treatment any adjacent concrete
slabs are drilled. Once we complete
injecting the treatment into the holes
we fill them back in.

Gaithersburg md

These are some photos
of the owner John installing guards
over the vent of a house to prevent
wildlife and birds from entering the

Germantown md

We caulked along the top
of this outdoor electrical socket
where a space had formed that
allowed pests to easily enter into the

Frederick, md

This is an example of an
entry point that can be found around
a home.

Frederick, md

During an inspection this
entry point was discovered along the
foundation of the house.

Potomac, md

Just a cool beetle we

Potomac, md

These lizards can be
found all over Montgomery County
and are included in our general pest

Brookville, MD

Our tech Josh is all decked out
in his new suite while removing a wasp nest
at a customer's home.

Gaithersburg, MD

Our tech Josh fogging a
yard for mosquitos.

Hagerstown, MD

This is a European Hornets nest inside of a hole in the tree.

Frederick, MD

During your quarterly
inspections we take this duster and wipe
away any webs or nests that we see around
the roofline, windows and doors.

Germantown MD

This photo was taken
during the cicada invasion of 2021. These
are cicadas in a customers basement
stairwell that we cleaned up.

Frederick, MD

This mouse was caught
in some galvanized mesh. This little guy
may look really cute but he could cause
damage to your home, and spread disease
so it's important to stay on top of any
mouse issues.

Arlington VA

This is a hole in the side
of a customer's home that we discovered
during an inspection. This hole is an easy
entry point for mice and other pest.

walkersville md

Before and after photos
of a giant wasp nest built over the wires of
a home.

Gaithersburg MD

Humane trapping of a
groundhog who had made shop under a
customer's pool house.

Fairfax MD

Check out this
snake we pulled out of a Fairfax
home bathroom vent. This is why we
recommend installing guards over top
of vent.

Washington DC

This is how
comfortable people can become with
mice in their home. This family was
told by several other companies that
nothing could be done about their
mouse problem. Within 10 minutes
we identified 7 exterior entry points
and got them sealed up.

Fredericksburg VA

This screen was
replaced by another company. They
decided to use a window screen and as you
can see, the squirrel made quick work of it.
This is why we always recommend 1/4-1/2
inch galvanized hardware cloth to prevent

Fairfax VA

A squirrel managed to
make its way in through the shingles of this
home. The shingles were already showing
significant wear, and the squirrel went
straight through the old growth lumber.

Falls Church VA

This mulch was just laid
down 2 months before we inspected this
home. You can see the live termites and
shelter tubing inside.

Alexandria, VA

With a proper inspection
of the attic, we identified the issue in this
home was coming from the neighbors
home. A proper inspection leads to a proper
treatment plan and execution.

Frederick MD

One way door installed
to remediate a squirrel issue in an attic.
One way doors are a great way to humanely
get rid of an unwanted houseguest.

Frederick MD

We humanely trapped
this big guy who was causing havoc in a
Frederick MD development. After a few
days of failed attempts we finally caught
him using cantaloupe! Cantaloupe is a
favorite for groundhogs.

Silver Spring MD

This is a before and
after photo of a piece of wood in an attic
that was treated for mold.

Germantown MD

This picture is a perfect
example of the damage that rodents can do
to your attic. The protective foam around
the wires in this attic has been chewed and
the insulation has been contaminated with

Silver Spring md

One way door
installation to get rid of a squirrel. Once
the squirrel exits through the one way door
they are unable to get back in.

Brunswick, MD

This is a picture of
extensive termite damage discovered
during a kitchen renovation.

Potomac MD

This is a termite swarm
on the foundation of a home.

Brunswick, md

Before and after of an
outside vent that had gaps between
where it met the house. We caulked
the open areas.

Frederick, md

We installed a rodent
fence to prevent a skunk from
burrowing under this home's walkway
and steps.

Leesburg, VA

Using an insulation vacuum to
remove contaminated insulation.
The insulation was contaminated
with rodent feces and nesting.

Leesburg, VA

Our tech Josh loading up the
trailer after a long day of
removing contaminated
insulation from an attic.

Frederick, MD

This is shelter tubing from termites.

Gaithersburg, md

A giant rat pulled from the crawl space
of a customers home.
Our efforts to eliminate the rat
population in this home were successful.

Leesburg, VA

Animal tracks from wildlife
in a customer's attic.

Fairfax MD

Vacuuming up contaminated
insulation at a home in Fairfax VA.

Frederick Md

This is a giant wasp nest we
removed from a bush
right next to someone's front door!

Alexandria, VA

When snow meets in weird patterns, that means there is an issue with your homes insulation. In addition, when there is significant ice dams, it's usually a sign that the attic is not ventilated properly.
Ice damming often causes significant damage to the soffit. This is one of the major ways animals enter the home and it is the first thing we look for when doing our inspections.

Alexandria, VA

This is a raccoon who had taken up shop in an attic in Alexandria, VA

Frederick, MD

A significant entry point on the outside of a Frederick MD home. We sealed this off to prevent any pests from entering through it.